About Us

ATS Irrigation, Inc. was formed in May of 1985 by Roger Schulze, Evon Schulze, and Tim Meier. Starting with a small four-room office and warehouse, we have expanded several times to a two acre facility with a large store and showroom, offices, warehouse, and repair shop. Initially a lawn sprinkler installation business, we have evolved into a well-respected, full service agricultural irrigation systems business serving South Central and Southeast Texas and are well-respected by our peers and suppliers.

The growth of ATS Irrigation, Inc. came from responding to the needs of our customers. As requests for different types of irrigation service methods or equipment were presented, we added those to our offerings to meet customer needs. We now supply equipment and methods for most any requirement for agricultural irrigation. This includes drip and micro irrigation systems, hose reel travelers, center pivot irrigation systems, lateral moves, and others, along with the pipe, fittings, and pumps to supply them as well as the technical and service expertise to back them up.

We have seen the irrigation industry change dramatically:  from measuring for systems with tape measures, to EDM (electronic distance measuring) equipment then to the highly accurate GPS systems used today;  from drawing plans by hand, to using computer-aided design; and from operating systems by being there, to using smart phones and tablets to operate and monitor systems remotely. Through it all, ATS Irrigation, Inc. has held true to our goal of providing quality irrigation systems that work right. With the same owners for thirty-five years, we are committed to meeting the needs of you, our customer.

Originating in Brenham, Texas in 1985, ATS Irrigation, Inc. has proudly served the Washington County area as well as the entire state of Texas with superior irrigation system design, sales, and service.  As a proud member of the Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association (TAIA), our primary mission has always been to meet the needs of our customers in the best way possible. We want every customer to be completely satisfied with the products that we sell and the irrigation services that we provide.

Our store is located 2 miles east of Brenham, Texas on Highway 105.  We offer sales and service in person or via our website for most irrigation system needs, including:

  • Farm and ranch irrigation system design, installation, and repair
  • Center pivot irrigation systems design, installation, and service
  • Drip irrigation system services
  • Hose reel traveling irrigator sales, services and supplies
  • Transplanter sales and services

With 35 years of experience, the team at ATS Irrigation, Inc. is the best source you will find for any irrigation system project!